We offer a comprehensive end-to-end payroll outsourcing service that is tailored to your company's needs. Among the benefits of outsourcing your payroll to us include: payroll1 payroll2-my

  • E-payslips, subject to minimum IT system and security framework requirements
  • Ready for Web banking, as an alternative to Auto Pay Systems (APS)
  • Customized e-Solutions to meet your needs and requirements
  • Integration with your Time Management Systems
  • Benefits and Claims Management
  • Interface with your Accounting Systems

For an agreed MONTHLY FEE, we will help process a specified number of employees; with the option of additional employees as a minimal cost-per-employee basis, hence offering you a highly flexible fee structure.


  • Process Reimbursements/Claims/Company Loans
  • Reports by encrypted password-protected PDF format
  • Auto-pay Bank Listings/Cheque Listings
  • Upload Bank File to your company's Internet Banking site (maker/creator role only)
  • Statutory submissions - EPF/SOCSO/TAX/HRDF/THaji/ZAKAT/ASB/ASN/PTPTN
  • Register with EPF/SOCSO/TAX/HRDF/THaji/ZAKAT/ASB/ASN/PTPTN for NEW members (subject to admin charges)
  • Submit Borang 2 & Borang 3 to SOCSO
  • Submit CP22 to Tax Department
  • Prepare EA Forms, Slip Jawapan and Tax Exemption Reports
  • E-Payslips on the web
  • Online EA Forms, Slip Jawapan and Tax Exemption Reports
  • Option to have printed EA Forms, Slip Jawapan and Tax Exemption Reports for employees
  • Option to have printed hardcopy Pay-slips (Company logo optional)


  • Initial Setup Fee
  • "Trial run"
  • Historical data, if applicable; i.e. when client commences after January each year