A hassle-free electronic leave system to manage and administer your company's leave!

  • Simple 3-step application process!
  • Online application and approval - fast, convenient, simple!
  • Available anytime, anywhere - just with a click of a button!
  • Use on any browser, any platform and any device - Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari; PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android!
  • Email alert for approved/rejected leave and even expiring leave balances!
  • Paperless - go green! Save the environment.
  • Directly upload your medical certificate or documentary proof for leave applications! \


  • Support for up to 5 levels of approval, or even auto-approval (after a window of rejection)!
  • Be notified via email whenever leave is awaiting approval
  • One-click approval - quick, easy and simple!
  • Leave Calendar - both for employees and approver! Gain better leave visibility before approving leave!
  • Ability to apply leave on behalf of employees!

Flexible Policy

  • Support for unlimited leave types
  • Automatic validation against various national or state public holidays
  • Easy inbuilt automatic leave carry forward for up to 12 months!
  • Multiple rosters supported for different work groups, shifts, regions, states, countries!
  • Automatic leave entitlement calculation based on your company's policy
  • Ability to support unique leave entitlement policies including special beholden to bearer!
  • Support for tracking minimum period before leave or even option to disable emergency leave
  • Flexible leave entitlement policy - all at one go or earn-as-you-go
  • Calendar year entitlement or anniversary date entitlement or even fiscal year entitlement - it's your choice!
  • Compliant with Malaysian Employment Act
  • Compliant with Singapore Employment Act policies on Childcare Leave, Maternity Leave & Paternity Leave
  • Compliant with Hong Kong Labour Ordinance with automatic Sick Leave allocation for Hong Kong employees!
  • Automatic reminder if employee fails to submit (optional) hardcopy leave application

And many, many more features! \\n \\n \\n \\n