Our e-Attendance system is designed to allow companies and supervisors to track employees electronically online via the web browser. The advantage of an online e-Attendance system is that as a web-based paperless easy-to-use system, tracking your employees' attendance and punctuality is merely a click away!

  • Ability to track whether employee is at work early or late (based on roster)
  • Unlimited rosters supported
  • Real-time monitoring of employees and personnel
  • Ability to gain real-time (immediate) visibility of your employees irrespective of location, branch, state or country instead of waiting at the end of the day/week/month
  • Ability to limit maximum working hours/overtime claims
  • Low cost of entry - only requires any Internet-connected device to work (No expensive tokens, punch cards, biometric devices)
  • Support for touch-screen devices/kiosks or PCs/Laptops without keyboard
  • Employees won't clock-in for another personnel as the password is also used for e-Payslip, e-Leave and other very personal and confidential matters
  • Ability to take a photo before clocking in - as proof of attendance
  • Immediate notification to supervisor in the event that the employee comes in late to work
  • Inability of employees to check-in from home/personal device (requires a supervisor pre-authorized device) + detection of location Captures location of the check-in (GPS coordinates) via location-based services [Useful for those at remote/off sites]